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ZRC® Genève SA has its headquarters at 152A Route de Thonon – 1222 VESENAZ, Switzerland. The website is owned and edited by ZRC® Genève SA Suisse.

The present Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) govern your use of the ZRC® Platforms. In the present Terms of Use, we use the term ZRC® (“we/us/our”) to indicate the headquarters of ZRC® Genève SA, the address of which is indicated hereinabove.

Please read the present Terms of Use carefully prior to using the Platform. By using the Platform, you indicate your consent and agreement with the present Terms of Use. If you do not accept the present Terms of Use, you are not authorised to continue using the Platform. 

Updates to the present Terms of Use

We may at any time make changes to the present Terms of Use. Therefore, please check them regularly in order to be kept apprised of updates. The latest version of the present General Terms of Use will always be available on the Platform. Any new version of the present General Terms of Use shall take effect and shall govern the use of the Platform, as well as the relationship that you have with us, immediately as of the date of publication. By continuing to use the Platform, you agree to be bound by the provisions of these updates and modifications.

Regarding our hosting services

The website is hosted by the company HOSTEUR SA (www.hosteur.com), with a capital of CHF 100,000, at the Swiss Register of Commerce in Switzerland under the number CH-550-1056728 and the VAT number CHE-114.684.132.

Our privacy policy

Our practices with regard to information collection on the Platforms, such as the types of information that we gather regarding visitors to the Platforms and the ways in which we can use the said information, are governed by the provisions of our Privacy Policy.

Use of the documents on the Platforms

ZRC® created its Platforms in order to provide information about the company and its product for your personal use. Although considerable efforts have been made in order to ensure that the visual representations of ZRC® products posted on the Platforms are representative of the colour, design, style, etc. of the original products, slight variations, distortions, and/or differences from the original product may appear. This may result, for example, from technical problems such as the settings of your browser or your computer. Accordingly, ARC cannot be held liable for the apparent differences between the images of products represented on the Platforms and the original products. We strongly advise you to visit one of our Dealers prior to making an online purchase.

You may download an electronic copy or print a copy of the document provided to you via the ZRC® Platforms, exclusively for your personal use and for private, domestic, non-commercial purposes, provided that the property notices, in particular the intellectual property notices, such as copyrights© and trademarks™ are kept intact and are neither deleted nor modified. Unless indicated otherwise, you must consider that everything you see or read on the Platforms (such as ZRC® inventions or products, images, photos, including any person represented in the photos, illustrations, icons, texts, video clips, music, written documents, and other documents) (“ZRC® Documents”) belong to ZRC® and are protected by law, in particular by all laws protecting copyrights, designs, and trademarks, as well as by the provisions of international treaties and national laws around the world.

It is strictly forbidden to sell, reproduce, distribute, convey, modify, post, publicly perform, relate, or otherwise produce derivative or second-hand works based on any ZRC® document or to use the said document in any manner whatsoever for public or commercial purposes. Moreover, a ZRC® Document cannot be posted or conveyed on any other platform, in a computer network environment, or on any other digital platform, for any purpose whatsoever, without the prior written agreement of ZRC®. In the event of an infringement of any of the present Conditions of Use, your authorisation to use a ZRC® Document shall be automatically terminated and all copies made of the said ZRC® Document must be destroyed immediately, and we reserve the right to pursue any offender through all legal and judicial channels. Any unauthorised use of a ZRC® Document may violate laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, privacy and advertising laws, and regulations and statues regarding communications.

Your unsolicited submissions and communications

The present section deals with communications sent to ZRC®. It does not concern that communication of personal information to ZRC® relating to customer requests, the use of services, or the purchase of products through the Platform. The latter is governed by the rules stated in the Privacy Policy.

Any unsolicited communication or document that you send to ZRC® via the Platforms or through social media, by email or otherwise, including, but not limited to, data, questions or answers, comments, suggestions, or otherwise, shall be treated by ZRC® as non-confidential and non-exclusive. By sending communications to ZRC®, you automatically grant worldwide rights to ZRC®, royalty free, in perpetuity, irrevocable, and non-exclusive, to use, reproduce, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, execute, and post the said communications, alone or in the context of other works, in any known or subsequently developed form, medium, or technology, and the right to transfer those rights to any person. All of the information that you send may be used by ZRC® and its affiliates for any purpose, including, but not limited to, reproduction, broadcast, transmission, publication, distribution, and posting, or the development, manufacture, and marketing of products on the basis of the said information.

Moreover, ZRC® enjoys a worldwide reputation in both the design and the manufacture of high-quality Premium items. To this end, it retains its own creative sources, in particular the teams of highly qualified creators who design and improve ZRC® creations. Therefore, ZRC® cannot agree to or accept being the recipient of spontaneous proposals of collaboration. Indeed, it is conceivable that ZRC® is already working on similar ideas and/or designs. Therefore, we inform you that ZRC® is not interested in receiving ideas or other proposals regarding the creations that you may wish to present.

Limitation of Liability

The present section applies to the Platforms and not to products that may be sold online or by telephone by one of our local or regional markets.

ZRC® endeavours to ensure that the information provided is accurate and exhaustive. However, ZRC® cannot guarantee implicitly or explicitly that any ZRC® document is accurate, exhaustive, or reliable, or that the use of the said ZRC® document shall not infringe upon the rights of third parties.

ZRC® does not guarantee that the functional and/or technical aspects of the Platforms or any ZRC® document is free of all error or that the Platforms, ZRC® Documents, or servers making them available are free of all viruses or other harmful components. If the use of the Platforms or of any ZRC® document entails the need to repair or replace goods, materials, equipment, data, or other elements, ZRC® shall in no case be held liable for those costs. Without limiting the foregoing, all of the elements that are provided to you on the Platforms are provided “AS-IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE,” AND, EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF MANDATORY LEGAL PROVISIONS TO THE CONTRARY, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPLICIT OR IMPLICIT, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IN TERMS OF COMMERCIAL VALUE, OF SATISFACTORY QUALITY, OF SUITABILITY TO A SPECIFIC PURPOSE, OF REASONABLE LEVEL OF CARE AND SKILL, OR OF NON-VIOLATION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. ZRC® and its suppliers make no guarantee regarding any document, software, text, download, graphic element, or ZRC® link, nor any guarantee with regard to the expected results with the aid of the Platforms.

Except in the case of mandatory legal provisions to the contrary, ZRC® shall not be held liable for direct or indirect damages, of any kind, cause, origin, or consequence whatsoever, resulting from the use of information available on the Platforms or in relation to the use of the said information, or held liable with regard to any loss of use, business interruption, or loss of profits or of data, regardless of the form of the action, even if ZRC® has been advised of the possibility that such damages may arise.

Please note that in some jurisdictions, consumer protection laws may not authorise certain exclusions or limitations of warranties or of liability, and as a result, some of the exclusions and limitations mentioned hereinabove may not apply.

Trademark notice

In general, all trademarks, patents, logos, and service marks (collectively, the “Trademarks”) that appear on the Platforms are registered, unregistered, or otherwise protected Trademarks of ZRC® or are used through a sublicense granted to ZRC® by a third party. The other brands are trademarks registered by their respective owners. Nothing contained on the Platforms may be interpreted as implicitly or explicitly granting any license or any other right to use any trademark or patent without the prior written authorisation of ZRC® or of the third party that owns the trademark. The misappropriation of any trademark or patent posted on the Platforms, or of any other content on the Platforms, is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise expressed in the present agreement, and shall be pursued by any legal means available.

Copyright notice

All content (including the ZRC® Documents) present on the Platforms is either protected by ZRC® copyright (Copyright©) or granted to and used by ZRC® under license. All rights reserved. Please refer to the section above regarding the use of the Documents on the Platforms.

Links and linking

The Platforms may contain links toward other platforms managed by third parties not affiliated with ZRC®. The inclusion of any link to third-party sites does not imply ZRC®’s approval of the content of those sites. ZRC® has not examined the contents of the linked sites in their entirety and cannot be held responsible for the content or the accuracy of off-site pages or of any other site linked to any of our Platforms. If you choose to click on a link to off-site pages or to third-party sites, you do so at your own risk.

ZRC® does not authorise any linking to any of its Platforms from third-party platforms without its prior written authorisation.

Termination and suspension

You agree that ZRC® may, without prejudice to its other rights, automatically terminate or suspend your access and your use of the Platforms, with or without prior notice, in the event of a failure on your part to comply with any of the stipulations of the present contract, or in the event of an infringement on your part of the rights of ZRC®, its affiliates, or a third party. You agree that ZRC® may modify or suspend access to any of the Platforms, with or without prior notice. You agree that ZRC® cannot be held liable toward you or any third party following such a modification or suspension. The provisions entitled “Limitation of Liability” and “General Provisions” shall continue to exist beyond the termination of the present Terms of Use.

General provisions

Unless stipulated otherwise, the information and ZRC® Documents presented on the Platforms are presented exclusively for the purpose of promoting ZRC® products and services and, in certain cases, for the presentation of products for sale through a variety of means. ZRC® makes no declaration stipulating that the ZRC® Documents are appropriate or available for use in all of the countries of the world. You are responsible for complying with applicable local law, while keeping in mind that access to the ZRC® Documents may not be legal for certain persons or in certain countries. Our products are available in many parts of the world. Nevertheless, the Platforms may identify products that are not available worldwide, in particular with regard to the Special Editions.

Should any one or more provisions in this Contract be deemed or declared invalid under any law or regulation or as the result of any judgment by a competent jurisdiction that has become res judicata, they shall be considered as unwritten and the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.

The present Terms of Use constitute the entirety of the agreement between you and us regarding the use of the Platform. They replace and annul all agreements, draft agreements, arrangements, commitments, or ancillary agreements of any nature whatsoever previously agreed upon by the parties, whether verbal or written, with regard to such a purpose.

ZRC®’s waiver of its rights subsequent to the infringement of any provision of the present Terms of Use cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the right to allege any other infringement or any subsequent infringement.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present Terms of Use are governed and interpreted according to the laws of Switzerland, without reference to conflict of laws. Any dispute, controversy, or claim stemming from or related to the Terms of Use, including the validity, invalidity, violation, or termination thereof, shall be judged or arbitrated in accordance with the said Terms of Use. When the laws of Switzerland are different from the mandatory consumer laws of your own country, we shall grant you a similar protection.

Contact us

If you have questions or comments regarding the present Terms of Use, or general questions, please contact us at the address indicated below. You may also use this address if you wish to request a copy of the personal data that we keep regarding you.

Email: customerservice@zrc1904.com

Last Update: June 2018

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