The components & materials of your watch have been selected for their great quality & technical properties. These cleaning & maintenance advises will help you keep your ZRC® watch esthetic & functionalities.


With so many devices in use, magnetic and electromagnetic fields are becoming increasingly present in the world around us, and this magnetism can affect your watch performance. To avoid any magnetic interference, we recommend that you keep your watch away from any devices, which could emit magnetic fields (e.g. mobile phones, computers, refrigerators, speakers, magnetic doors, television sets). It is also strongly advised that you remove your watch before walking through airport security checkpoints.

Water resistance:

Your ZRC® watch is guaranteed for 300m water resistance & therefore has been fully tested up to 475m. As the gaskets have a limited lifespan, we recommend that you have the water resistance of your watch checked every two years.

Setting the time:

As indicated in the user manuals, we recommend that you do not set the time on your watch between 11:00 and 03:00.when the date is in the process of changing.

Swimming in the sea and in pools:

Your ZRC® watch is a real “Diving Device” you are therefore free to use it any time in water. Always rinse your watch in fresh water after you have been swimming (in the sea or pool). Make sure to rince the bezel thanks to our Patented ECS® system using “tap water” to remove all dusts & salt.


Your ZRC® watch is originally equipped with a 2824-2 “Elaborated” ETA movement which is guaranteed to work correctly between -30°C and +60°C.

Outside this temperature range, your watch will be less accurate. You are also recommended to avoid thermal shocks that could damage your watch, or certain parts of your watch, such as the crystal and the gaskets, which could break.

Excessive temperatures also affect the oils in the movements; very low temperatures make them less fluid, while very hot temperatures make them prone to dry out more quickly. It is therefore recommended that you have your watch serviced more frequently in hot climates. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

After a sharp change in temperature, some condensation may appear under the crystal of your watch. This condensation should disappear after a few minutes and does not affect the performance of your timepiece. If the condensation does not disappear, please contact your nearest approved ZRC® Official Dealer.

Chemical products:

Chemical products (e.g. solvents, detergents, cosmetics) can damage the straps and gaskets on your watch, thereby impairing its water resistance.

Straps & bands:

It is normal for leather straps to develop a patina over time and for metal band to get scratches. To preserve leather strap, you are recommended to keep them away from water.

To maintain your metal band, use a small brush and warm soapy water, then dry with a soft cloth.


Ensure that the crown on your watch is always completely screwed in, as this guarantees the water resistance of your watch.


IMPORTANT! In order to guarantee a PERFECT water resistance, make sure not to operate the crown under water. Pay attention to fully screw the crown back in position prior to any water immersion.

Our exclusive Crown Protection System™ system prevents you from forgetting screwing it back in “water tight” position.

Use a soft nails brush together with warm soapy water to clean your watch (Steel or Nato).

Do not forget to rince the bezel thanks to our ECS® system in order to keep your ZRC® watch in good working conditions.

Automatic watches

An automatic watch is aimed for watchlovers, all those whom like to feel the movement of their automatic watch, and those whom like to admire the movement of their automatic watch.

However, an automatic watch is not as accurate as a quartz one. An automatic watch is pure mechanics. It will either move forward or delay, which is normal.

You’ll have to grind it for a month before the movement is 100% effective. Your automatic watch can stop or delay depending on the position in which it is placed. This is why the setting can be done under 3 to 5 positions. In the case of the 2824-2 elaborated used on the Grands Fonds® we perform a 3 position adjustment with an accuracy of +/- 7sec/day (with a tolerance of +/- 7sec meaning that at best the watch does not advance nor delay and at worst it can take up to 14 sec/day which is within the ETA manufacture tolerance. If you wish we can carry out a “fine tuning” with an amplitude between +3 and +5 sec/day but this operation is of course for a fee.

Set the date:

To set the date of your automatic watch, you must be careful to keep the hands out of the 10AM to 3PM range. Your automatic watch might no longer work because the movement would have been forced and this can affect its accuracy as well. Namely that in the event of improper handling leading to the “forcing” of the movement, the guarantee will not apply.


If your automatic watch stops or even before the first use, you need to manually rewind your automatic watch to initiate the movement. This operation is not mandatory but widely recommended in order to allow the 1st launch in the best conditions. To manually rewind your automatic watch, you must MANUALLY rewind the crown between 10 to 25 times (but we recommend 30 to 40 rotations) in the “pushed” position unlocked but not engaged in the crown barrel, from the 12H position to the 6H position (in the case of the GF300).

Then you go for the time setting and you take care to well lock the crown in the intended position but without applying a too strong pressure that would “crush and damage” the joint and thus hinder its perfect water resistance…

Although they are equipped with powerful shock absorbers, mechanical watch movements are still delicate and sensitive to:

  • Hard impacts (Fall on hard floors)

It is therefore recommended that you do not wear your watch for “high impact” sports, such as golf or tennis, as these repeated jolting movements could alter the setting or even damage one or more components of the mechanism.

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