SGF40146-Black-Nylon-Nato-Strap-North-Adventure- Steel-Finish-ZRC®-Watch-Zoom
SGF40146-Black-Nylon-Nato-Strap-North-Adventure- Steel-Finish-ZRC®-Watch

Nylon Nato Strap “North Adventure”

Polished Finish

Reference : SGF40146

This Vintage look “NATO” strap ensures great comfort. Ideal for long and repeated immersions, it is also very touchy.

100,00 CHF

Shipping costs 30 CHF for all orders under 150 CHF

Sizing information

“MOKUBA” Nylon strap / Steel buckle
Available in 7 colors (grey, black, vintage, red, navy blue, khaki, striped)

GF300 + GF3000

The assembling of this bracelet requires the intervention of a professional watchmaker. Any intervention by an unqualified person would result in forfeiture of the guarantee.

Although being very resistant it is better to clean it regularly with warm soapy water.

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